Fallen Future

One should be ready to take up challenges, be energetic, helpful and beware of getting fooled. Then how can one be fooled again and again, by the same person. Do they loose their senses at the right moment or do their gray matter liquidize at that point?

One should think! And think deeply or bravely. Think to get the answer from the route; not just to be answerable to many. When you have the opportunity to think bigger, do bigger and become larger; then why to waste your inestimable time for the 2 month dear? Yea, please do think. Orelse, after you have lost everything, you’ll have no job than thinking where you went wrong.

Make use of your best time and work and move forward to achieve something greater. Standing ovation is of much greater value than a knee-down proposal. Best Employee or Business Tycoon of the Year Award is of great honour than a rose every week. Meeting clients with confidence is of greater authority than meeting one on date with overconfidence.

Life do gives you options, but its your intelligence to choose the correct one. Stop blaming God and cursing your luck. All is in your own hands. Hold the hands of the Truth!

Your Elevation May Require Your Isolation!

In the dawns of 2014, I walked passed the familiar roads, memorising the not so good old days. My feet tend to slower its pace in frontĀ of the huge building which holds tubs of my tears. The place where friends were enemies and teachers so wild. Keeping aside all my dreams I went into isolation. All my thoughts and wishes surrounded me into the small-dark room where I stay. Not in a mood to visit the place again. Isolation grasped me as the Roridula. With shaky and shivery legs, I walked inside the gates. Everybody glaring like the evil monster; ready to tear me like a lobster.
Fear and hatred lets one into isolation. I overcame it, and soon achieved all I wished throughout the years. I faced all of it, and now life has something new for me. Self-confidence is the key to be successful. Let’s win over all our fears, and show those ‘comparers’ the designation we deserve. Isolation can cause severe mental illness; but it has a good effect too, and it is that creepy people stays far.
So, before you end up your story rethink about your ideas, rebuild your dreams, recollect your powers and that’s how you move on to a better way; not the same one!
That’s all for today my pals……..

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